Coast KZN

29 Jun 2023

Artist paints ocean-themed mural

Vanisha Moodley (South Coast Herald) Picture: Ocean Festival/Olivia Jones Communications. The mural can be seen on the bridge before the Cutty Sark, Scottburgh.

Durban artist Giffy Duminy made his mark in Scottburgh after he visited the quaint little town earlier this month for the popular Ocean Festival. He painted a vibrant and eye-catching ocean themed mural on the bridge to Premier Resort Cutty Sark, which was the main location for the event.

“In this mural at the Cutty Sark bridge, I aimed to illustrate a buzzing reef scene with a diverse range of different colourful life forms,” he said.

“I hope that by appreciating the beauty in the ocean that we also increase our understanding of marine protected areas and their importance for the sustainability of our oceans.”

This mural features some of Giffy’s favourite marine life and celebrates the shallow reefs close to Scottburgh, inspired by the Aliwal Shoal.

“I spend a lot of time snorkelling, diving and surfing in the ocean and so it is a very inspiring place for me.”

“I have seen all of the subjects painted on this wall, and they were selected out of my favourite memories of diving on Aliwal and almost all the reference images I used for painting the mural were taken while spending time in the waters of the South Coast.”

Giffy explained that this mural has not only beautified the area, but emphasises the long-term impact of the Ocean Festival which is centred on the concept: ‘Be the change you want to be’. He described the biodiversity in this part of the world as ‘incredible’ and something definitely worth celebrating.

“My work aims to feature local wildlife we may see around us if we immerse ourselves in natural environments, and I hope that my art sparks curiosity for the biodiversity that buzzes and zings around us.”

The mural was organised by the Ocean Festival, Russel Symcox and was kindly sponsored by Apex Environmental.

Giffy Duminy paints marine subjects from his favourite memories. Photo: Ocean Festival/Olivia Jones Communications.