Coast KZN

10 Apr 2023

Food,fun and adventure: visit a cascading waterfall

(South Coast Herald) Picture: Uvongo Waterfall. Image Credit: SCTIE

Definitely go chasing waterfalls on the KZN South Coast, found within some of the most scenic reserves.

There’s Lehr’s Waterfall in the densely-forested Oribi Gorge; the nearby Samango Waterfall named after the charismatic monkey; and the 23 m Uvongo Waterfall which plummets into one of the deepest lagoons in the country.

Take a guided hike as part of the culturally authentic Nyandezulu Experience to Ntantana Mountain overlooking the 90 m Nyandezulu Waterfall; or embark on the 8 km Weza Hiking Trail from the iKhwezi rural area, finishing at a real hidden gem, the Mkhoba Waterfall.