Coast KZN

03 Jul 2017

Resurfacing paves way for Bluff beach upgrade

Erin Hanekom (Southland SUn) Picture: Ansteys and Brighton Beach are undergoing much-needed aesthetic improvements after years of neglect.


The beaches are getting cleaned up at last.

Ward 66 councillor, JP Prinsloo said he has been working with the municipality for the last eight months to get the upgrade underway.

“The first of many projects intended to improve the Bluff beaches has commenced. The roads rehabilitation department will resurface Foreshore Drive. All side parking bays along Foreshore Drive will be resurfaced and a portion of the large parking lot at Brighton Beach.

The remainder of the large parking lot in Brighton Beach and Ansteys Beach will be completed in the near future.

Special thanks must also be extended to Duncan Pratt from the ward committee and the roads rehabilitation department for all their efforts,” said Prinsloo.

The speed humps along the beachfront road have been removed as the resurfacing takes place, so road users are urged to exercise caution.

“Years of neglect are being reversed all over the Bluff. The time for petty issues and backward thinking is over. It’s time for the Bluff to move forward together.”