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Marine Protected Area Day on 1 August

The MPA Day Alliance is gearing up to celebrate a special day dedicated to highlighting the Marine Protected Areas (MPA) of South Africa. The inaugural MPA Day in Africa will be commemorated on 1 August and we have a number of exciting activities planned leading up to, and on the day. The Alliance is an amazing collaboration of anyone who wants to highlight the role of MPAs in human wellbeing and ocean health. So please join us!

Please see attached news about our Photo competition, the MPA Day webinar, which will be shared live from four South African MPAs and our Twitter Chat. Lots more will be happening on the ground in various MPAs too. Our SAAMBR Education Team will also be celebrating on the 1 August in the aquarium with our visitors – we have banners ready.

For more information and to share:

Instagram: @marineprotectedareassa

Twitter: @MPAsSA1

Facebook: Marine Protected Areas SA (@MPASouthAfrica)

Website: MPA day — Marine Protected Areas South Africa

For many posters and fact sheets: Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) | SAAMBR

MPA day

MPA day poster

MPA day photographic competition

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