Coast KZN

18 Nov 2021

North coast waters are angling hot spot

Richard Spingorum (Zululand Observer) Picture: Saffiya Ahmod was pleased when she successfully landed this beautiful pink whip ray

Both the deep sea and rock-and-surf angling spots along the north coast were filled with anglers this past week, thanks to a good variety of fish circulating in the waters. Offshore fishermen could not contain their excitement after filling their hatches with billfish, dorado and gamefish. Once again, trolling lures have been the most effective way to target these types of fish, but using a live bait will also get you into the thick of things. When looking to cover larger areas of water at higher speeds, look to use skirted lures.

Once again, the black/red and fruit salad colours proved popular.

Rock-and-surf anglers opened their summer accounts with large inedibles, using fresh  mackerel. Strap a head bait with some cutlets and you are setting yourself up with the best chance of attracting any nearby shark or ray.

For those after the edibles, the mid-north coast has been the most consistent, where chokka and sardine baits have been the most productive for the kob and shad.