Coast KZN

24 May 2019

No cause for alarm at red water in Grannies Pool

Penny Fourie (North Coast Courier) Picture: Beachgoers arrived to find a bright red tidal pool.

The bright red water in Grannies Pool in Ballito caused some alarm this morning – but fears that the water had been poisoned were quickly dispelled.

According to Ballito UIP operational manager, Dieter Fittkau the chemical which was non-toxic and biodegradable was used by a local contractor who was performing a flood test at a residential apartment located off the Ballito promenade.

However, KDM’s head life-guard Bongani Xulu said companies had a responsibility to dispose of chemicals responsibly as lots of people don’t know what a storm-water drain is or where the water ends up.

“It’s important for people to know that it is illegal to discharge any substances into the municipality’s storm-water system.

“Pollutants that go into storm-water system end up in the ocean and can affect coastal water quality,” said Xulu.