Black mamba caught cruising on Scottburgh beach

  Monday, 12 February 2018
 Shona Aylward (South Coast Herald)
Black mamba caught cruising on Scottburgh beach

"Black mambas are rarely seen on the beach."

A black mamba measuring almost three metres in length was spotted just north of Scottburgh’s main beach, in front of the Cutty Sark Hotel last Thursday evening.

A teen was jogging on the popular beach when he nearly stumbled upon the venomous reptile.

Owen and Nadi Kuyper, who were going for an evening swim, alerted Crocworld Conservation Centre’s manager Martin Rodrigues.

Mr Rodrigues, who is a highly experienced herpetologist and snake catcher, responded immediately.

He managed to capture the snake, which was released back into its natural environment the following day.

According to Mr Rodrigues, it was the first time he has seen a black mamba captured on a beach.

Mr Rodrigues said that it was possible that due to the extremely hot weather, the snake was cooling down on the shore or having a drink of salty water. It may have been tired or become caught up in the waves.

“When I tried to catch the snake, I noticed a lot of water coming out of its mouth so it may have swallowed quite a bit of sea water,” he added.

In a separate incident, the South Coast’s snake catcher Sarel van der Merwe bagged a big black mamba in Umzumbe last week.

He was escorted by the police to the house where the snake was thought to be hiding.

Sarel said he scoured every room in the house for more than a hour.

“I put in my endoscope camera into a hole below one of the kitchen cupboards for a second time, and that’s when I spotted the black mamba,” he said.

“We had to move the cupboards awayfrom the walls to get to the snake… but we waved goodbye to one happy family,” he added.

If you need a snake removed contact Sarel at 082 6831604.


(Info taken from Crocworld Conservation Center)



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