Coast KZN

Estuary Management Plans

EMP for Ugu District Municipality

Estuary Management Plans for estuaries within the Ugu District.


iBilanhlonhlo Estuary Mouth Maintenance Management Plan: Draft 25 July 2016

"Due to unforeseen delays with approving the updated iBilantholo Mouth MMP prepared, this document has now been restructured into a Mouth MMP and a Rehabilitation MMP for ease of approval.

It is noted that while the infilling or depositing of material of more than 5 m3 into, or the dredging, excavation, removal or moving of soil, sand, shells, shell grit, pebbles or rock of more than 5 m3 from an estuary triggers a listed activity in terms of the NEMA: 2014 EIA Regulations, this proposed activity is for maintenance purposes and is proposed to be undertaken in accordance with a maintenance management plan. It is also noted that this activity is yet again considered to be an emergency measure due to the threat of the dune collapsing."



iMpenjati Estuary Management Plan: Part 2 August 2012

"The Mpenjati Estuary is listed as one of South Africa’s 120 ‘priority estuaries’ which need to remain formally protected to satisfy the targets of the national conservation plan in terms of protecting estuarine biodiversity.The portion of the estuary within the NR has been managed by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife for over 25 years, with management interventions occasionally extending beyond the reserve boundaries, contributing to the preservation of the system in a largely natural state with few modifications. However, increasing coastal development pressure together with habitat destruction, water abstraction, pollution, past and prospective sand mining, nutrient loading, and exploitation of natural resources threaten the integrity of this system. Effective management of human activities in relation to the Mpenjati Estuary is therefore considered critical and this is to be accomplished by means of an Estuary Management Plan (EMP) as required by the Integrated Coastal Management Act (Act No. 24 of 2008) and the draft National Estuarine Management Protocol"