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Provincial CMP (Draft)

The Provincial Coastal Management Programme is the policy directive for coastal management within the province.

The Draft Provincial Coastal Management Programme for KwaZulu-Natal

"A CMP is required in terms of the ICM Act (Sections 46-47), which specifies the elements that should be addressed. Accordingly, all spheres of government are required to establish and implement their own but matching versions of CMP’s. For example, the Province needs to align its Provincial CMP (PCMP) with the National CMP (NCMP), while municipal CMP’s must be consistent with the NCMP and the PCMP of the province in which they are located. CMPs are aimed at aggregating and combining environmental, economic, social and political factors that influence the sustainable utilisation of coastal environments and their resources into plan/s that provide a coordinated approach for coastal managers, practitioners, users and other interested parties (DEA, 2012).

The PCMP for KZN sets out goals and objectives for the achievement of ICM in the Province. The programme must provide a provincial policy directive for the management of the coast through an integrated, coordinated, uniform approach. PCMP's must include:"

  • A vision for the management of the coastal zone in the Province

  • The coastal management objectives for the coastal zone in the Province

  • Priorities and strategies:

    • to achieve the coastal management objectives of the Province;

    • to assist in the achievement of the national coastal management objectives;

    • to develop estuarine management plans for estuaries in the Province; and

    • Performance indicators to measure progress with the achievement of these objectives.

Provincial Draft CMP

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