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Sardines spotted near Port St Johns

 North Coast Courier    14/06/2018

The KZN Sharks Board commenced with the removal of shark safety gear on the lower south coast today


Seismic activity could be causing dolphin beachings in KZN

 Thobeka Ngema (Daily News)    13/06/2018

Seismic surveys off the coast of KwaZulu-Natal could be one of the key reasons for the number of sea mammals found stranded along the shore in the past few months.


8 horror facts about plastic pollution

 Frank Chemaly (Independent on Saturday)    13/06/2018

Marine scientist Caroline Reid, co-ordinator of the KZN Marine Network, told The Independent on Saturday of the full extent of the environmental degradation that plastics cause to our oceans.


uMhlanga UIP commemorates World Oceans Day with litter boom launch

 Mariclair Smit (Northglen News)    12/06/2018

The waste collected from the boom will be recycled were possible and the rest sent to a landfill site.


Sardine fever rises as shoals spotted off KZN coast

 Nosipho Nyide (Daily News)    12/06/2018

Numerous shoals of various species of bait-fish can be seen off the KwaZulu-Natal coast daily especially during periods of calm sea conditions, said Mike Anderson-Reade, head of operations at the KZN Sharks Board.


Unusual poaching trap found in Leisure Bay

 Shona Aylward (South Coast Herald)    11/06/2018

Two snares were found on the trap and eight more in the vicinity.


Borer beetle could spell ecological disaster on the South Coast

 Judi Davis (South Coast Herald)    11/06/2018

Alarm bells are ringing regarding a foreign pest that is killing our trees.


Why the Durban harbour project will be horrible blunder

 Desmond D'Sa & Patrick Bond (Daily News)    10/06/2018

Last week’s approval of a BRICS New Devel¬opment Bank loan of $200million (R2.5billion) to expand the Durban container port occurred without the Sandton-based bankers doing adequate consultation or analysis.


Full steam ahead restoring Willard Beach ahead of Pro

 Allan Troskie (North Coast Courier)    07/06/2018

Willard Beach may yet be ready for the Pro as work got underway this morning with gusto.


Port mulls over Durban harbour tower replacement

 Zainul Dawood (Daily News)    07/06/2018

The Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) is evaluating the best concepts for the replacement of the cowl that surrounded the Millennium Tower on the Bluff at the entrance to the Durban Harbour.



CoastKZN is pleased to inform you that the Ulwandle 2017 winner of 2 tickets to uShaka SeaWorld is
Simangele Sithole
(from Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife).
"As an adrenaline junky from Durban, uShaka Marine is one of my favourite places to visit. So when I saw the Ulwandle 2017 Competition in CoastKZN newsletter, it was a no-brainer, I HAD TO enter! Give me a clean beach, scary rides and a fresh breeze and I’m putty in your hands ? I’m currently working as an Ecosystem Services Ecologist at Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, and part of the job is to highlight and demonstrate the value & benefits of our natural ecosystems (incl oceans). The ecologist and environmental scientist in me couldn’t pass the chance to take my younger nephew and niece on a fun & educational trip to learn about the myriad of marine life that the KZN coast has to offer, as well as expose them to the beauty that is out coast. 
We had an awesome time walking inside the aquarium, learning about the many sea creatures on display, and didn’t pass the chance to challenge each other to ride the longest water slide in Africa!
" (Winner Simangele Sithole with niece, Olwethu Msimango, and nephew, Lwazi Msimango .

Ulwandle, which means sea in isiZulu, is a coastal management newsletter produced by KZN's Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs. The key aim of this newsletter is to disseminate information on coastal management issues to municipalities and government departments.

2017 Summer
  • Overcoming the nurdle hurdle
  • A portal into the KZN coast 
  • Are we losing coastal space? 
  • KZN public launch sites to be gazetted 
  • Protecting the coastline and beyond 
  • More cooler water species strand in KZN 
  • A prickly problem...  
  • Is coastal sandmining on the up? 
  • New eco-label award for the coast
  2016 Summer
  • New era dawns for KZN's coast
  • Protecting our coast for the long-term
  • Building coastal management capacity
  • Uncertain future for marine fisheries monitoring in KZN
  • KZN Marine Strandings Network update
  • Ocean Stewards Programme
  • KZN beaches go Blue!
  • Saving St Lucia, again
  • Creating a splash during National Marine Week 2016
  • Keeping an eye on Sea Turtles
  • Mapping KZN's estuaries
  • Better coastal access for all
  • International Coastal Cleanup Day 2016
  • 'One Stop' ICM Tool
  • Reporting on the State of the Coast
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2014 Autumn
  • Managing our KZN coast
  • The Southern African marine linefish species profiles
  • A place you should visit - Maphelane
  • SA's coral reefs - beautiful, tranquil and highly valuable
  • An elephant seal visits the KZN coast
  • Did U know - Nudibranchs
  2013 Spring
  • Yet another ships runs aground on the KZN coast
  • Fifty years of turtle conservation & monitoring in KZN
  • Treasure Hunters
  • Why are tuna warm-blooded?
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2012 Spring
  • Sewage recycling - a viable alternative?
  • Ecosystem functioning
  • Sardine run 2012
  • Sewage spills
  • Helmet shells
  2012 Summer
  • Repairing the KZN coast
  • Nginakekela amaxhaphozi! I save wetlands
  • Mysterious fish
  • Record raggedtooth shark recaptures
  • A magic water factory?
  • Did U know - lobsters have blue blood?
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2011 Spring
  • Mining gathers momentum
  • A place you should visit - Greenpoint lighthouse
  • Fish tagging in KZN
  • The 2011 sardine run
  • Bar-built estuaries periodically linked to the sea
  • Fall of the Phoenix
  • Did U know - oily beaches?
  2011 Autumn
  • Our coast is a priceless treasure
  • A place you should visit - Sodwana Bay
  • Are corals plants or animals?
  • Estuaries of various shapes and sizes
  • COP 17 beckons
  • Did U know - that some fish can change sex?
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2010 Summer (Issue # 21)
  • What's next for KZN?
  • International coastal cleanup 2010
  • Are you fish friendly?
  • EKZN Wildlife tightens its grip
  • A place you should visit - Kosi Bay
  2010 Summer (issue #20)
  • FIFA fever
  • A place you should visit - Black Rock
  • Blue flag news
  • An icon of our coast
  • Mass migrations of a different kind - the mystery of Varuna
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2009 Spring
  • Tacklin sea-level rise
  • Marine & coastal education
  • Monitoring KZN's launch sites
  • Cleaning up our coast
  • A place you should visit- Trafalgar marine reserve
  • Action against pollution
  2009 Winter
  • The long awaited ICMA is here
  • Blue flag news
  • From berg to beach & beyond
  • What is the CBMU?
  • A place you should visit - Ohlanga lagoon
  • Durban beachfront upgrade
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2007 Summer
  • Bill to open coastline to all
  • KZN outshines competition to claim blue flags
  • The 'calamity' - testing SAMSA's action plan
  • A novel approach to coastal zone monitoring
  • Coastal development in KZN
  • KZN boat launch sites
  2006 Spring
  • Get seafood smart!
  • Researchers get splashing
  • Coastwatch's marine investigation
  • Shadows on the beach
  • Build at your peril
  • Why do whales beach?
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2006 Autumn
  • Durban launches new beach
  • Year of the turtle
  • Sustainable livelihoods and the IDP
  • Filming on the beach
  • Ammonia threat to uShaka
  • Boat launch sites in KZN
  • Chuck vs box jellyfish
  2005 Autumn
  • More blues for KZN's beaches!
  • Unusual fish
  • NPC Sea World education centre
  • Coastal livelihood projects
  • Subsistence fisheries co-management in KZN
  • District coastal working groups
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2003 Spring
  • What happened to the sardines?
  • Coastal management and IDP's
  • Sustaining coastal livelihoods
  • Adopt-a-beach
  • Ahoy, cruise tourism is here!
  • Co-operative governance makes a splash
  • National interpretive signage
  2003 Summer
  • To drive or not to drive
  • Coastal tourism in the kingdom
  • Outreach programme expands
  • KZN's coastal management programme
  • Treasure chest project
  • What is CoastCare?
  • KZN flies the blue flag
  • Just beading around
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2002 Summer
  • 4x4 Beach ban begins
  • Dangerous sea creatures
  • Be shark-wise!
  • Coral bleaching at Sodwana Bay
  • KZN beaches go blue
  • Legend of the hole in the wall
  • What is the SCLP?
  • Facts at your fingertips
  2001 Winter - Spring
  • SACOAST - pioneering the use of the internet in coastal management
  • Community coastal monitoring programme
  • Shoal of fish scientists visit Durban • Shark sense
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2001 Autumn
  • Hook, line and grunter • South Africa's water revolution
  • Legends of the sea
  2000 - 2001 Summer
  • What is CoastCARE?
  • Aliwal Shoal
  • Prawns and people
  • Angler ethics
  • Coastal trivia
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2000 Spring
  • Best practice coastal development
  • National estuaries workshop
  • Blue flag campaign
  • Pennington environmental inventory
  • Coastal trivia
  2000 Autumn - Winter
  • Shark net reduction
  • Coastwatch becomes proactive
  • Tugela Banks prawn trawl
  • World environment week
  • CMPP & SCA updates 
  • Fishcare
  • Coastal trivia
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1999 - 2000 Summer
  • Coastwatch-KZN
  • Coastal contacts
  • Estuarine alert
  • 1999 Coastal cleanup
  • New publications
  • Fishy facts
  • Beach driving hints
  • Coastal trivia
  1999 Spring
  • Coastal management policy programme - progress
  • 40 Years of marine conservation
  • Marine ecotourism
  • Stork visit
  • Coastal trivia
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1999 Winter
  • Coastal management policy - where to now?
  • Sardine run
  • Sensitive coastal areas update
  • Days to remember

1998 November

  • Update on the coastal management policy programme
  • The implementation of IDP in KZN
  • Implementation of the sensitive coastal area regulation
  • Determining the value of coastal services
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